Question Answer
Word processing application software used to enter and format text to create documents
Word wrap causes text at the end of a full line to automatically move to the next line when the current line is full.
backspace key removes or deletes characters to the left of the insertion point.
Insert the default setting that allows you to add text to your document.
Save as to save a file using a different file name.
Paste used to copy an item stored on the clipboard to a location in a document.
AutoCorrect corrects common capitalization, spelling, gammar and typing errors as you type.
AutoComplete a feature that automatically completes the spelling of days of the week and months of the year that have five letters in their names.
automatic grammar checking flags words that might be misspelled by underlining them with a red or blue wavy line immediately after you type them.
Thesaurus is a useful feature for finding a synonym (a word with a similar meaning) for a word in your document.
copy and paste. To place a copy of text in another place in the document use
fonts (Type of design applied to an entire set of characters.
Find tab Used to access the find and replace dialog box to locate text in a document.
Replace All Text can be globally replaced (every occurrence in the document) by using the __________ button in the Find and Re place dialog box
hanging indents the first full line of text is not indented bur the following lines are. Commonly used in references and bibliographies.
single-spaced text has no extra space between each line
double- spaced has an extra line of space between each line of text
paragraph spacing the amount of space between paragraphs
text formatting can be changed at any time after it is created.
bullet any small character that appears before an item in a list. Numbers are also used to define items.
margin The blank area between the edge of the page and the text