Question Answer
employability FKS term: characteristics employers nee din outstanding employees such as consistent punctually and attendance, appropriate dress and personal habits, accepting direction and criticism, adapting to change, completing projects, and managing time
entrance requirements standards to be passed in order to enter a college or university. Requirements vary from college to college
entrepreneurship the act of creating and developing your own business based upon a consumer need or service
estimate a judgement or opinion based on very general considerations; an approximate
ethics the rules of standards governing the conduct of a person or the members of a profession
exploratory interview a short, informal talk with someone who works in a career the one friend finds intresting
extended learning school and community activities that help develop transferrable skills and often leadership development
FAFSA free application for federal student aid. The required application for apply for any type of federal financial aid, including grants, work study, and student loans.
financial aid money students receive from a variety of sources to help pay for college. Includes scholarships, grants, work study, and student loans
FKS stands for foundation, knowledge, and skills common to all 16 clusters