Term Definition
Chairperson Overall Charge of the club, Takes charge at meetings, Makes sure that business is carried out in a proper manner at meetings, Will usually sign cheques along with the treasurer
Secretary Sends notice and agenda of meetings to the members, Arranges the meeting and records the minutes of all meetings, Presents the Secretary’s Report at the AGM
AGM Annual General Meeting
Treasurer’s Responsibilities include: Collect the member subscriptions and issue receipts, To handle the club bank account, To make payments on behalf of the club, To keep a record of all the clubs receipts and payments, To prepare the final accounts of the club
Treasurer’s Report includes: The final accounts of the club, Possible Improvements for the future, Purchase of Fixed Assets, Unusual items in the accounts explained
Income and Expenditure Account Does not record opening balances or any payments not related to the day-to-day running of the club, for example the purchase of a fixed asset.
Receipts and Payments Account A detailed record of all the club’s receipts and payments during a period. It may be analysed
Trading Account Prepared if the club has a bar or restaurant
Accumulated fund Statement of the assets and liabilities of the club. It includes the capital of the club