Question Answer
what introduces your presentation to your audience Title Slide
What refers to th way each slide appears on the screen Transition
What effect can you applu to text, objects, graphics,or pictures Animation
what are the three color printing options black, grey, colored
How many pages per slide can be printed 2-9
what is the powerpoint extension .pptx
What is a place holder boxes with dotted borders that contain content and reside within a slide layout
What is slide master A special feature that helps to present
how do you insert a slide click the insert button
what is access a database management system
what is a databse collection of objects
what is a datasheet displays data in tables and rows
how do you move from one field to another tab
how do you move from one field to the previous shift+tab
What is best fit automatically resizes the column
How are fields rearranged by clicking and dragging
what is the purpose of print preview to show what the document will look like after printing
What is a field selector a small bar that selects the whole datasheet
what is an example of a field name address
what is primary key unique identifier for each record
what is design grid the view in which you can format data
what is the field properties pane shows all the properties in the field
how do you run a query press the run query button
what is a one to many relationship one record can match many records
What is a primary table the one side to a one to many table
What is a related table contains many records
what is refrential integrity a set of rules to ensure that there are mathcing values in the common field
what is a column appear vertically and contain data
what is a row appear horrizontally and are numbered
what are the three ways to enter data into a cell tab, enter, formula
what is the print tab has everything to do with the printing
what happens if you close a non-saved worksheet you are propmted to save it
what is autofit allows you to autofit the data in a worksheet
how are numbers displayed in a cell right-aligned
what is merge and center merges and centers the data in a worksheet
what is a theme preset collection of designs for a worksheet
what does CTRL+U do underline
what does CTRL+B do bold
what does CTRL+I do ittalicize
what is wrapped tect the row height will wrap around a picture
what does CTRL+C do copy
What does CTRL+P do Paste
how do you insert a row press the insert row button
what is landscape orientation displaays the worksheet wider than long
what is portrait orientation displays worksheet longer than wide
what is a header text that is printed on top of worksheet
what is footer text that is printed at bottom of worksheet
what are the three ways to enter a formula enter, tab, formula button
what is order of evaluatuion sequence used to calculat the value of a formula
what is the order of operations inner most paranthesees are evaluated first
what is compacting compacts things in a datasheet
what is a navigation pane allows you to navigate through a worksheet
what is a record complete set of data
what is a record selector appears to the left of the first field for each record
what is alphanumeric data number and text in a datasheet
what is autonumber automatically gives a number
what is a blank database creates a database with a empty table
what is a default value property the default value in a property
what is a description property the property that is described
what is a design grid allows you to design things
what is a template a database on which you work on
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