Term Definition
Desktop PC A computer that is flat and usually sits on a desk.
Monitor specialized, high-resolution screen.
Keyboard main input device for most computers. There are many sets of keys.
Mouse An input device that allows the user to “point and click” or “drag and drop”.
Mother Board The main circuit board inside the computer
Processor (CPU) chip that performs the majority of calculations and instructions needed to make your computer run.
Memory (RAM) (Random Access Memory) Fast computer chips that temporarily store information while a PC is in use.
Hard Drive main storage area inside your computer (usually called a C: drive).
Sound Card device that can remake almost any sound.
Bit smallest unit of measurement.
Floppy disks used to store files you’ve created so that you might work on them in multiple locations.
operating system links you to your programs (also called applications or software.)
Modem A device that translates data from your PC into a form that can be sent to other computers over regular phone lines.
Tower PC A computer that is upright.
Memory chips fast computer chips used to temporarily store information while a PC is on.