Term Definition
Attendance Attends class, arrives/leaves on time, notifies the instructor in advance of planned absences, and makes up assignments punctually
Character Displays loyalty, honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, dependability, initiative, self- discipline, and self- responsibility
Teamwork Cooperative, assertive, displays a customer service attitude, seeks opportunities for learning, and displays mannerly behavior
Appearance Displays appropriate dress, grooming, hygiene, and etiquette
Attitude Demonstrates a positive attitude, appears self- confident, and has realistic expectations of self
Productivity Follows safety practices, conserves materials, keeps work area neat and clean, follows directions, and procedures
Organizational Skills Manifests skill in personal management, time management, prioritizing, flexibility, stress management, and dealing with change
Communication Displays appropriate nonverbal and verbal skills
Cooperation Displays leadership, appropriately handles criticism and complaints, demonstrates problem- solving capability, maintains appropriate relationships with supervisors and peers, and follows chain of command
Respect Respects the rights of others, deals appropriately with cultural/ racial diversity, and does not engage in harassment of any kind