Term Definition
Benefits Compensation in forms other that direct payment
Compensation The amount of money paid to an employee for work performed including salary and wages
Diversity The comprehensive inclusion of people with difference in personal characteristics and attributes
Downsizing A planned reduction in the number of employees needed in a firm in order to reduce costs and make the business more efficent
Glass celling An artificial limt placed on minority groups moving into positions of authority and decision making
Incentive Systems The amount of compensation connected to the quality or quantity of an employee's performance
Job analysis A specific study of a job to identify in detail the job duties and skill requirment
Labor union An organized group of employees who negotiate with employeesbout issues such as wages and working conditions
Organizational culture The environment in which people work made up of the atmosphere behaviors beliefs and relationship
Out souring Removing work form one company and sending it to another company that can complete it at a lower cost
Promotion Any form of communication used to of any employee to a potion with greater reponsibity
Termination The end of an employee relationship between a company and an employee
Transfer The assignment of and employee to another job in the company with a similar level of responsibility
Salary and wages Direct payment of money to an employee for work completed
Work Environment The physical conditions and the psychological atmosphere in which employee work
Workforce All of the people 16 years or older who are employee or who are looking for a job