Term Definition
ICTU Irish Congress of Trade Unions
IBEC Irish Business and Employers Confederation
Trade Unions A group of workers who join together to protect their interests and rights and who try to improve their working conditions and pay
Functions of a Trade Union To protect the rights of its members, To negotiate wages and salaries for members, To negotiate conditions of work, To negotiate with employers if a dispute occurs, To protect members from unfair dismissal, To negotiate in a redundancy situation
Shop Steward Local Union representative in the workplace. Usually a worker who volunteers for the position.
Functions of a Shop Steward Collects Union Subscriptions, Communicates information to members from head office, Communicates workers problems to head office, Attends union meetings, Discusses and resolves problems by talking to the management on behalf of workers
Main causes of disputes Pay and working conditions, Dismissal of employees, Redundancies, Promotions, Discrimination
Unofficial Strike Not approved by the union
Official Strike Approved by the union
Work-to-Rule Employees do they bare minimum at work. No extra duties are done
Picketing This involves a peaceful protest outside the place of work by union members
Steps in Resolving a Dispute Meet and talk, Union Representation, Conciliation, Arbitration
Conciliation Where an independent third party both disputing parties together to talk about the problem and try to get a resolution. The conciliator does NOT make a decision. This occurs at the LRC in Ireland.
LRC Labour Relations Commission
Arbitration Where an independent third party investigates the dispute and makes a decision about how to resolve it. Both parties can agree in advance to be bound by the decision of the arbitrator. Occurs at the Labour Court in Ireland
It is illegal to discriminate against somebody on the ground of…. Marital status, gender, family status, religious belief, age, disability, race, membership of the travelling community, sexual orientation
Equal Opportunities Employer An employer that does not discriminate