Term Definition
Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) A statement required by the National Environmental Policy Act for any major federal action that will significantly affect the quality of the environment.
Nuisance A common law doctrine under which persons may be held liable for using their property in a manner that unreasonably interferes with others’ rights to use or enjoy their own property.
Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) A party liable for the costs of cleaning up a hazardous waste, disposal site. Any person who generated the hazardous waste, transported it, owned or operated the waste site at the time of disposal, or owns or the site at the present time may be responsibl
Toxic Tort A civil wrong arising from exposure to a toxic substance, such as asbestos, radiation, or hazardous waste.
Wetlands Water-saturated areas of land that are designated by a government agency as protected areas that support wildlife and therefore cannot be filled in or dredged by private contractors or parties without a permit